RAVAGES © Francois Gamache. Dancer : Arielle Warnke St-Pierre

With Ravages, Lake examines the intimate relationships between the body, the image and sculpture. Through the intense, primal choreography, the body-landscapes encounter inclement weather, unite to better survive, and calm down together in a lull of the storm. Their movements settle down then delineate interior territories that are examined and searched, layer after layer, to extract memories. Destined for unremitting metamorphosis, they become sensitive witnesses to the perpetual trembling of things. Little by little, nature is renewed and the humans are reinvented, each bearing the marks of the seasons of life.

FORMAT on location STATUS completed DIRECTOR Alan Lake CAMERA Francois Gamache EDITOR Jason Arbour SETS Jean Nicolas Demers DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY Francois Gamache COMPOSER Antoine Berthiaume CHOREOGRAPHY BY Alan Lake MAIN ACTOR David Rancourt MAIN ACTOR Arielle Warnke St-Pierre MAIN ACTOR Esther Rousseau Morin MAIN ACTOR Dominic Caron DURATION 13' 59'' / 21' 48'' PRODUCTION YEAR 2015 RECORDED Québec (Canada), 2014-09-23 SOURCE VIDEO/AUDIO HD / Stereo

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